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  • Oxygen (O2)Detector SPD201/O2
  • Oxygen (O2)Detector SPD201/O2
  • Oxygen (O2)Detector SPD201/O2
  • Oxygen (O2)Detector SPD201/O2
Proudct name:Oxygen (O2)Detector SPD201/O2
Measuring range:0-25%vol
HS Code:9027100090
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The gas detection instruments are widely used in petrochemical,municipal environmental protection, coal mine, fire fighting, research labs, beverage, residential places and other wide ranges of industrial environments. Our main products are handheld gas detectors, which can detect and monitor various toxic, VOC, oxygen, combustible & flammable gases'real-time concentration, provide detection solution and alarm signals against potential dangers to ensure personal safety and good air quality.
* As it uses the imported oxygen sensor, it is very precise and its performance is stable
* It uses the intellectualized design and has gotten multiple functions.
* With highlight backlight display and acousto-optic alarming, it is easily configured
* The embedded temperature compensation can make the meter measuring the correct value in the environment temperature of -10~40℃
* As its case is ergonomically designed, it looks handsome, feels good and is easy to carry.
* Continous record 80000 groups data
* Measurement display: displays 4 digit LCD,with backlight,Low power symbol display
* Operation temperature:-10~40°C (14~104°F)
* Storing temperature: 0~30°C (32~86°F)
* Operation humidity: 0~99%RH (relative humidity)
* Storing humidity: 20%~80% RH (relative humidity)
* Measuring range: 0~25%(VOL)
* Resolution: 0.1 %( VOL)
* Measurement error: ±0.5%
* over measurement range display: --OL--
* Alarming method: acousto-optic alarming
* Working principle of the sensor: source cell sensor
* The service life of the sensor: 2 years (it can then be replaced)
* Power supply: 3×1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
* Battery service life: about 100 hours of continuous use (when the backlight is off).
* Size: 172×51×26 (mm)
* Continous record 80000 groups data
* 1.5V AAA battery x 3 pcs
* English Manual
* Carrying case
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