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  • Formaldehyde Gas Meter 805
  • Formaldehyde Gas Meter 805
  • Formaldehyde Gas Meter 805
Proudct name:Formaldehyde Gas Meter 805
Measuring range:0-5ppm
HS Code:9027100090
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The Formaldemeter directly measures airborne formaldehyde concentrations as well as ambient temperature. It widely used in the follow application scenarios:
* Buildinig materials and indoor air quality detection
* Environment and public health inspection
* Estate and property management
* Industrial production process of formaldehyde detection,such as paint and paper manufacture
* Hospitals,pharmaceutical and clinic formaldehyde detection
* Tracing the formaldehyde release source in the environment
* To assess the efficiency of hvac system
* To assess the efficiency of formaldehyde scavenger
With further importance being put on air quality in public buildings, the workplace and in homes, the formaldemeter is aimed towards being the most accurate meter while still providing quick and simple operation from a hand-held device.
* Compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear
* Large LCD dot matrix display screen, friendly, intuitive menu operation interface, battery status and alarm status
* Displays formaldehyde concentration in both parts per million(ppm)and mg/m3
* Displays temperature in both degrees celsius(°C)and degrees fahrenheit(°F)
* Audible/visual alarms
* Bright wide-angled visual alarm bars
* Internal vibrating alarm for high noise environments
* User-selectable alarm setpoints
* Formaldehyde Range: 0-5ppm as standard(0-6.7mg/m3 at 25°C)
* Formaldehyde Resolution: 0.001 ppm
* Formaldehyde Accuracy: 10% at 2ppm
* Temperature range: -15~50°C
* Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
* Temperature accuracy:±1.5°C
* Sampling method:Ciffusion Type
* Sampling frequency: 1 second
* Response time(T90): less then 60 seconds
* Mechanical: 120x65x25mm ABS plastic case
* Weight: 150g
* Main unit x 1pc
* User Manual x 1pc
* Protection Bag x 1pc
* Box + Nylon fabric bag packing
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