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  • Combusible Gas Detector BE8800A
  • Combusible Gas Detector BE8800A
  • Combusible Gas Detector BE8800A
  • Combusible Gas Detector BE8800A
Proudct name:Combusible Gas Detector BE8800A
Measuring range:10%LEL
HS Code:9027100090
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Hand-hold design allows you operation easily and the visual and acoustical alarm can detect the gas resource precisely. And the adjustable beep rate helps to decrease the polluted gas density in the air.
* High sensitivity
* Quick find the resource of leakage
* Indicating the leakage via alarming bulb
* High precision sensor able to detect slight gas leakage
* Quick response
* Monophony earphone socket
* 16- inch long goose neck
* Response time: instantaneous
* Warm-up time: 60 seconds approx
* Continous operation time: 8 hours
* Low battery indication:3±0.2V
* Operating environment temperature:0~52c
* Detectable control
* Sensor reset
* Power & alarm LED indication
* Power: 3x1.5V LR14 batteries
* Product size: 76*49*220mm
* Sensitivity:50ppmMethane
* Sensor: Type Low Power Semiconductor
* Warm-up Time:60 seconds
* Response Time:2 seconds
* Operation Cycle: Continual Operation
* Sensor Size:16 Inches
* Power Supply:3pcs 1.5V LR14 Batteries(without include)
* Battery Life: Continual Use For 8 Hours
* Alarm Limit: LEL 10% Of Methane

* Main unit x 1pc

* Manual x 1pc
* gift box packing

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