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  • Ammonia Gas Detector 804
  • Ammonia Gas Detector 804
  • Ammonia Gas Detector 804
  • Ammonia Gas Detector 804
Proudct name:Ammonia Gas Detector 804
Measuring range:ammonia: 0~100ppm
HS Code:9027100090
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Ammonia meter adopts imported high precision electrochemical sensor, high sensitivity, fast response time, high levels of interference, continuous operation, long life, small body is easy to operate. Instrument interface concentration in real time display, industrial grade LCD dot matrix display, photo guided software operation menu, support Chinese and English menu (optional), widely used in oil production, refining, chemicals, services, sewage treatment, electricity, gas, mining, tunnel construction, fire, warehousing, paper, pharmaceutical, brewing and other places need to detect toxic gas concentrations
* Appearance of light and novel, easy to carry, easy to operate.  
* Menu operation interface, battery power real time display.
* Under voltage, low voltage automatic shutdown.
* Rapid response and reliable accuracy.
* Sound, light and vibration alarm.
* Sensor: Electrochemical Principle
* Test Gases: ammonia
* Temperature Measurement: Ambient Temperature 
* Display Unit: ammonia: ppm
* Temperature: °C/°F  
* Measurement Range: ammonia: 0~100ppm
* Temperature: -15~50°C / 5~122°F  
* Resolution:  ammonia:1 ppm                                           
* Temperature: 0.1°C/ 0.1°F
* Accuracy: ammonia: ±3.0%FS                                                   
* Temperature: ±1.5°C
* Response Time: T90<30s               
* Alarm: Sound and light vibration alarm   
* Alarm Point: low alarm point 25PPM              
* high alarm point 50PPM         
* Battery Type: 3 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (NOT Included)
* Operating Temperature: -15~50°C / 5~122°F  
* Operation Humidity: 15%~95%RH (non condensation)
* Item Size: Approx. 12x 6.5 x2.5cm / 4.7x2.5 x1.0in (L xW x H)
* Item Weight: Approx. 107.1g / 3.8oz
* Package Size: Approx. 22.5 x11.1 x5.5cm / 8.9 x4.4x2.2in (L xW xH)
* Package Weight: Approx. 239g / 8.4oz
* Main unit x 1pc
* User Manual x 1pc
* Protection Bag x 1pc
* Box + Nylon fabric bag packing
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