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  • Combustible Gas Detector EGD01
  • Combustible Gas Detector EGD01
  • Combustible Gas Detector EGD01
  • Combustible Gas Detector EGD01
Proudct name:Combustible Gas Detector EGD01
Measuring range:10%~40% LEL
HS Code:9027100090
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Hold the meter with one hand.Do not adjust the knob now.Move the sensor slowly close to the detected gas.When the meter detects a certain concentration of flammable gas,the red light will flash and the alarm will sound.The greater the concentration is,the more intense the alarm will be.
After the completion of detection,rotate the knob clockwise to the lowest sensibility position.Press the power supply key to power off,and the green light will turn off.

Type of gases detected:
Natural gas,methane (sewage gas),ethane,propane,butane,acetone,alcohol,ammonia,hydrogen,gasoline steam,sulfide,organic solvent steam,smoke,paint thinner,naphtha,volatile industrial solvents.

* Quickly recognize and determine the flammable gas leakage location
* Manual sensibility adjustment
* High sensibility
* Visible sound and light alarm
* Resolution:50 ppm (methane)
* Alarm range:10%~40% LEL
* Response time:< 2S(40% LEL)
* Operating temperature:0~50ºC
* Operating humidity:10~90%(above freezing)
* LxWxH:172x70x46 mm
* Power supply mode:4x1.5V AAA battery
* Weight:330g(includes batteries)
* Main unit x 1pc
* Manual x 1pc
* 1.5V AAA battey x 4pcs
* Box + carry case packing
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