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  • Multi-Purpose Anemometer BE8910
  • Multi-Purpose Anemometer BE8910
  • Multi-Purpose Anemometer BE8910
  • Multi-Purpose Anemometer BE8910
Proudct name:Multi-Purpose Anemometer BE8910
Measuring range:0.7~30m/s300-1100hPa
HS Code:9015800090
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This product is a protable multi-functional Anemometer, and it is suitable for meauring temperature,humidity,wind chill,dew point,wind velocity,barometric pressure,altutude and illumination.
Because the measurement of altitude is influenced by barometric pressure and temperature, so the altitude values measured in different seasons and different climates are different;but in the same day and condition that, barometric pressure and temperature and temperature slightly vary, the altitude reading is stable so it can be used for measuring the altitude difference.
* 8 in 1 functions into one product
* Can measure and display: Temperature,Humidity,Wind Chill,Dew point, Wind velocity,Barometric pressure,Altitude and Illumination.
* Mini and light weight
* Guaranteed quick response and accurate readings, no guessing errors
* Data saving function: manually saving and automatically recording data
* Unit switching function
* Supporting chinese and english
* Adopting a matrix liquid-crystal display screen so that the display content is richer
* LCD backlight display
* Low battery indication
* Temperature:
Range: -20~+60°C,Resolution: 0.1°C,Accuracy:±1.0°C,Response time:1S
* Humiditay:
Range:0~100%RH, Resolution: 0.1%RH,Accuracy:±5%RH,Response time:1s
* Wind chill:
Range:-40~+10°C,Resolution:0.1°C,Accuracy:±2.0°C,Response time:1s
* Dew point:
Range:-40~+60°C,Resolution:0.1°C,Accuracy:±2.0°C,Response time:1s
* Wind velocity:
Range:0.7~30m/s,Resolution:0.1m/s,Accuracy:±3% or ±0.3m/s,Response time:1s
* Barometric pressure:
Range:300~1100hPa,Resolution:0.1HPa,Accuracy:±1.0hPa,Response time:1s
* Altitude:
Range:-500~9000m,Resolution: 1m,Response time:1s
* Illumination:
Range:0~55000Lx;Resolution:1Lx;Accuracy:±3%,Response time:1s
* Size: 48x21.2x122mm
* CR2032 battery x 2pcs
* Neck strap/Lanyard x 1pc
* Instruction Manual x 1pc
* Gift box packing
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