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  • UV Energy Meter LS121
  • UV Energy Meter LS121
  • UV Energy Meter LS121
Proudct name:UV Energy Meter LS121
Measuring range:0-999999mW/cm2
HS Code:9031499090
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LS121 UV power meter can measure the UV energy density, UV irradiance at the same time. It can be used to:
1. Detect the UV energy density, UV irradiance of UV curing machine.
2. Measure the UV irradiance of machines, such as UV drying machine, exposure machine and printing machine etc.
1. It is with a built-in heat resisting sheet, can resist high temperature and operate at 100°C for long time.
2. The stored data will not be lost when the the power is off and the last testing data will be displayed automatically when power is on; the test data can only be deleted manually.
3. It has high accuracy, and has passed many tests of authoritative testing organizations and got certificates.
4. It has a built-in timer, and can record the UV curing time accurately.
1. Spectral range: 320nm-390nm  λp=365nm
2. Irradiance measuring range: 0-2000mW/cm2
3. Irradiance resolution: 0.1 mW/cm2
4. Energy measuring range: 0-999999mW/cm2
5. Energy measuring accuracy: ±10%,±5%(typical)
6. Sampling speed: 2048 times/second
7. Power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline dry batteries
8. Display: 240*160 Dot matrix LCD
9. Dimension: Diameter 120mm *thickness 13 mm
10. Weight: 327g
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