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  • Multi probe UV Light Meter LS125
  • Multi probe UV Light Meter LS125
  • Multi probe UV Light Meter LS125
  • Multi probe UV Light Meter LS125
Proudct name:Multi probe UV Light Meter LS125
Measuring range:0-200,000μW/cm2
HS Code:9031499090
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Ultraviolet light includes UVA(320nm-380nm),UVB(280nm-320nm) and UVC(200nm-280nm).UVA wave band mainly is used for UV curable,Lithography exposure,Ultraviolet source,Integrated circuit lithography etc.industry.UVC ware band mainly is used for Ultraviolet germicidal lamp.LS125 multi probe UV Light Meter, using digital probe, plug in type design,instrument intelligent judgment probe type. LS125 support UVA probe and UVC probe
* Wide range
* Support the UVA probe and UVC prboe
* UVA probe response wavelength(320nm-400nm),λp=365nm
* UVC probe response wavelength(230nm-280nm),λp=254nm
* High accuracy
* LCD backlight
* Hold data
* MAX value display

1. UVA Probe parameter:
* Response wavelength(320nm-400nm),λp=365nm
* Measuring range:0-10000mW/cm2
* Accuracy:+/- 10%
* Resolution: 0.1mW/cm2
* Probe size: 46mmx14.6mm(DxH)

2. UVC Probe Parameter
* Response wavelength (230nm-280nm),λp=254nm
* Measuring range: 0-200,000μW/cm2
* Accuracy:+/- 10%
* Resolution:0.1μW/cm2
* Probe size: 46mmx16mm(DxH)

3. LS125 Parameter
* Weigh: 320g
* Instrument size: 125mmx72mmx14.5mm(LxWxH)
* Power supply:2xAAA alkaline battery

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