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  • UVA Light Meter UVA365
Proudct name:UVA Light Meter UVA365
Measuring range:0-400 mW/cm2
HS Code:9031499090
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*Monitoring blue light radiation hazards in welding
*UV sterilization
*Graphic arts
*Photochemical matching
*UV EPROM erasure
*Photo resists exposure
*Curing of inks, adhesives and coatings.

*Weathering"degradation studies"
*UV sterilization
*Microbial genetics
*DNA research
*Biologic hoods
*General laboratory use

* Professional, high quality UV light meter
* Measurable of UVA
* UV detector spectrum: 320 nm to 390 nm.
* Four range selection switchable.
* Exclusive UV sensor structure.
* LSI-circuit provides high reliability and durability
* Separate UV LIGHT sensor allows user to measure the UV light at an optimum position
* LCD display, easy readout
* Display:3 3/4 LCD display, maximum reading 39990.
* Measurement Range:0-400 mW/cm2
  Four range selectable:400 μW, 4000 μW, 40 mW, and 400mW
  (1000 μW/cm2 = 1 mW/cm2)
* UV sensor spectrum:bandpass 320 nm-390 nm
* Accuracy:±(4%FS + 2dgt) Calibration under the standard UVA light & and compare;Special tested under the environment RF Field Strength less than 3V/M & frequency less than the 30 MHz only
* Sensor structure:exclusive UV photo diode & UV color correction filter.
* Sample Time:2.5 times/s.
* Over Range indication:"OL"
* Weight: 325g(include battery)
* Operating Temperature & Humidity:
 -10°C to 40°C(32°F-104°F)  0~70%Rh
* Power Supply:DC 9V battery, 006P, MN 1604 (PP3) or equivalent.
* Power Consumption:Approx. DC 2.7 mA
* Dimension:165x50x32mm (photo detector),160x78x43mm (meter body)
* Manual x1pc
* 9V Battery x 1pc
* Carrying case x 1pc
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