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  • UVC Light Meter UVC254
Proudct name:UVC Light Meter UVC254
Measuring range:1μW/cm2~3999μW/cm2
HS Code:9031499090
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The instrument is applicable to the measurement of UV radiation intensity in fields of sterilization, photoetching, water treatment, health care and breeding.
* Professional and quality UV meter
* Narrow-band spectrum248nm~262nm, 254nm peak wavelength
* Large scale integrated circuit ensures high precision and stability
* UV probe comprises of visible light insulation diaphragm, narrow-band optical filter and gallium arsenide sensor.
* Shell of aluminium alloy probe is equipped with fixed screw holes, which facilitates to measure to properly install the probe with ease.
* Width of measuring span, 1μW/cm2~39.99mW/cm2
* Wavelength coverage: 248nm~262nm
* Measurable of UVC
* Peak wavelength: 254nm
* Irradiance measuring span: 3999μW/cm2, 39.99mW/cm2
* Resolution ratio: 1μW/cm2
* Parasitic light beyond ultraviolent band: <0.1%
* Accuracy: ±5%+2 words
* Sampling rate: 2.5 times per second
* Operating environment: Temperature 0~40°C, Humidity <80%RH
* Overload display: “OL”
* Weight: 350 g (Battery, probe included)
* Power supply: DC 9V (6F22 type) battery
* Operating current: about 2.7mA
* Dimension: body 160x78x43mm
* Sensor:φ40x35mm
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