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  • Digital Anemometer BE816A
  • Digital Anemometer BE816A
  • Digital Anemometer BE816A
  • Digital Anemometer BE816A
Proudct name:Digital Anemometer BE816A
Measuring range:0.8~30m/s
HS Code:9015800090
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Widely used in data collection for boiler, refrigeration industry, ventilation duct, environment monitor, navigation measurement, weather forecast, collection of the weather datum for outdoor busywork and fire department.


* Do micro spot measurements
* Mini and light weight
* Simultaneous measure and display wind speed & temperature
* Digital Thermometer with range -10~45°C (14~113°F)
* Fast Air Velocity measure range: 0.8~30m/s (0~90km/h if converted to kilometers per hour)
* Multiple SI units: m/s, km/h, fpm, mph, or knots
* Wind velocity is also displayed in a Beaufort wind scale bar graph
* Display options in wind speed mode are current wind speed, maximum wind speed since power-on, and average wind speed since power-on
* Wind chill is displayed in the selected temperature unit
* Temperature indication is selectable for either °F or °C
* Built-in rotating vane sensor and backlight with auto-off
* Case is weather resistant (but not submersible)
* Ultralight impeller is mounted in jewel (sapphire) bearing for precision, wide range of speeds and low startup speed
* Guaranteed quick response & accurate readings, no guessing errors
* Auto/Manual power-off with low battery warning
* Detachable neck lanyard and battery are included
* With CE marking, approved by European Directives for health & safety requirements
* Measurement units & parameters:Air Speed/Velocity: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph;Air Temperature: °C & °F
* Special Functions:Wind Speed/Velocity: Current (Cu); Maximum (MAX) and Average (AVG)
* Backlight; Sapphire ball bearing, NTC Thermometer
* Air Velocity range:
  m/s(meters per second): 0.8-30m/s; Accuracy:±5% ;Resolution:   0.1;Threshold: 0.1
  Ft/min(feet per minute): 0-5860ft/min; Accuracy: ±5%; Resolution:   19; Threshold:39
  Knots(nautical miles per hour):0-55knots; Accuracy: ±5%;   Resolution: 0.2; Threshold: 0.1
  Km/hr(kilometers per hour): 0-90; Accuracy: ±5%; Resolution: 0.3;   Threshold: 0.3
  Mph(miles per hour):0-65mph; Accuracy: ±5%; Resolution: 0.2;   Threshold:0.2
* Temperature Range: -10~+45°C (14~113°F);Accuracy: ±2°C(±3.6°F)
* Battery: 9V battery
* Operating temperature: -10~+45°C (14~113°F)
* Operating Humidity:≤90%RH
* Store Temperature: -40~+60°C (-40~140°F)
* Weight: 62g( with battery)
* Manual x 1pc
* 9V Battery x 1pc
* Blister packing
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