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  • Multi-function Thermo Anemometer AM-4836V
Proudct name:Multi-function Thermo Anemometer AM-4836V
Measuring range:0.4-45m/s,0-9999
HS Code:9015800090
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AM-4836V is a multi-function meter that provide crucial information on essential wind parameters such as Air Flow, Air Velocity, Beaufort Scale, Wave Height estimation, and Air Temperature. With a single push of a button it can display different unit of measurements instantly. It can Hold, Save, Retrieve and Delete 24 groups of memorized data. It uses LSI Microsprocessor advanced microprocessor technology guarantees the highest level of accuracy over the entire temperature range. A precision instrument that has a variety of practical applications including data collections for weather analysis, navigation, marine applications, environment monitor for ventilation systems, installation, data collection for boiler, refrigeration industry, fire department, for outdoor people such as sailors, trekkers, para gliders, skiers, golfers, balloonists, hang gliders, windsurfers, weather enthusiast, lovers of kiteflying, kite-surfing, paragliding and many others.
* Wide applications:use to check air conditioning & heating systems, measure air velocity,wind speed,temperature,etc.
* Multifunctional. the measurement unit can be selected according to different requirements.
* Maximum value data hold function.
* DATA HOLD function for storing 24 groups of datas.
* Low-friction ball-bearing design allows free vane movement.
* Separate type design,convenient to measure.
* Automatic Power off,0-9 minutes set by users.
* Use RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
* Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
General Specifications:
* Display: 0.5"(13mm)4 digit LCD
* Measurement units: Air velocity:m/s,km/h,ft/min,knots;Air flow:CMM(M3/min),CFM(Ft3/min);Beaufort scale: force
Wave height:m;Temperature:°C,°F
* Data Hold:Maximum Value
* Data Memorized:24 Groups
* Sampling Rate:Reading Per Second Approx
* Sensors:Air Velocity / Flow Sensor: Conventional Angled Vane Arms with Low-friction Ball Bearing;Temperature Sensor: Precision Thermistor
* Automatic Power Off:0 ~ 9 Minutes Set by Users
* Operating Conditions:Temperature: 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122°F ) Humidity: < 80 %RH
* Power Supply:4 x 1.5v AAA size ( UM-4 ) battery
* Dimensions:Main Unit: 156 x 67 x 28 mm ( 6.1 x 2.6 x 1.1 inch );Sensor Head: 72 mm Diameter
* Weight:260 g / 0.57 lb(Including Batteries)
Test Range Specification:
Air Velocity:
m/s: Range:0.4-45.0; Resolution:0.1m/s; Accuracy:±(2%n+0.1m/s);
km/h:Range:1.4-162.0; Resolution:0.1km/h, Accuracy:±(2%n+0.1km/h);
ft/min:Range:80-8860; Resolution:0.1ft/min; Accuracy:±(2%n+0.1ft/min);
knots:Range:0.8-88.0; Resolution:0.1knots; Accuracy:±(2%n+0.1nots);
Air Flow:
CMM: Range:0-9999; Resolution:0.001-1; Accuracy:±(2%n+0.1m3/min);
CFM: Range:0-9999; Resolution:0.001-1; Accuracy:±(2%n+0.1ft3/min);
Beaufort Scale:
Range: 0-12; Resolution:0.1; Accuracy:±0.5
Wave Height(Meter):
Range:0-14; Resolution:0.1; Accuracy:±0.1
Air Temperature:
Range:14-140°F, Resolution:0.1°F; Accuracy:0.9°F;
Range:-10 ~ 60°C, Resolution:0.1°C; Accuracy:0.5°C
Standard Accessories:
* Main Unit x 1pc
* Carrying Case x 1pc
* Operation Manual x 1pc
* Sensor x 1pc
Optional Accessories:
* RS-232 Data Cable With Software x 1 set
* Bluetooth Data Adapter With Software x 1 pc
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