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  • Air Flow Anemometer BE856
  • Air Flow Anemometer BE856
  • Air Flow Anemometer BE856
  • Air Flow Anemometer BE856
Proudct name:Air Flow Anemometer BE856
Measuring range:0.3~45m/s
HS Code:9015800090
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This multifunction anemometer provides instant data such as Air Speed ,Temperature and Air flow(CMM) in triple Level LCD display with Backlight. This tool has wide measuring range of wind speed from 0~ 45m/s (0 ~ 8800ft/min),temperature from 0 ~ 45°C  (32 ~ 113°F) and air flow(CMM) measuring range 0~999900m3/min,with USB Interface to computer.
This weather device is an ideal tool for windsurfing, sailing and kite flying. You can also use it for industrial and home purposes such as measuring speed and temperature of CPU computer fans, air-conditioners, airflow over the roof or walls.
All-in-one design makes you enjoy your measurement in the field of environment protection marine operation aviation, industry and agriculture with real output.
* Simultaneous measure and display Air Velocity,Temperature,Air flow.
* Digital Thermometer with range 0 ~ 45 °C (32 ~ 113 °F)
* Fast Air velocity measure range: 0.3   ~ 45 m/s (0 ~ 8800 ft/min)
* Air flow measuring range(CMM):0~999900m3/min
* Multiple SI units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, mph ,knots,m3/min(cmm),
* Wind veloctiy is also displayed in a Beaufort wind scale bar graph
* Display options in wind speed mode are current wind speed, maximum and minimum wind speed and average wind speed
* Wind chill is displayed in the selected temperature unit
* Switchable between °C or°F
* Separate rotating vane sensor and Backlight
* Guaranteed quick response & accurate readings, no guessing errors
* Auto/Manual power-off with low battery warning
* Measurement units & parameters
Air Speed/Velocity: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph
Air Temperature: °C & °F
Air Flow:m3/min
* Special Functions
Wind Speed/Velocity: Current (Cu), Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN) and Average (AVG)
* Backlight
* NTC Thermometer
* USB Interface
* Data hold function
* Digital Thermometer with range 0.3-45 °C (32 -113 °F);Accuracy:±2°C
* Fast Air Velocity measure range: 0.3-45 m/s (0 -8800 ft/min);0-140km/hr;0-8800ft/min;0-88knots;0-100mph
* Air velocity measuring Accuracy:±3%±0.1dgts
* Air flow measuring range:0~999900m3/min
* Resolution: 0.1m/s,0.2°C
* Multiple SI units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, mph or knots,m3/min
* °F or °C Selection
* Wind Chill measuring
* LCD Backlight display
* Max/min reading
* Average/Current reading
* Data hold
* Low battery indication
* Manual/Auto power off
* USB interface
* Unit size: 77 x36 x163.5mm
* Power: 1.5V AAA batteries x 4pcs
* Sensor Vane Probe (connected to main unit) x 1pc
* Protective Rubber Back Cover x 1 pc
* 1.5V AAA battery x 4pcs
* USB connect cable and software x 1 set
* Manual x 1 pc
* gift box and carrying case
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