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  • High Frequency Electromagnetic Field EMF Tester EMF829
Proudct name:High Frequency Electromagnetic Field EMF Tester EMF829
Measuring range:53μA/m to 286.4mA/m
HS Code:9031809090
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The meter is using for detecting high frequency radiation from 50MHz to 3.5GHz,it has all-aspect electric field's test and high sensitivity.It can use for measuring the electric field strength and magnetic field strength of TEM cells and absorber rooms.
The meter can display the instantaneous measurement value,the MAX measurement value and average measurement value.The instantaneous measurement value can use for directional measurement,for example:when you go to the exposed zone first
* Metrical ways:digit display, measuring with three axes
* Characteristic of directivity : isotropic, three axes
* Metrical gear: one continuous gear
* Resolution displayed:  0.1mV/m,0.1μA/m,0.1μW/m²,mW/m²,μW/cm²
* Reaction time: about 1 second (the measurement value is from 0 to 90% )
* Refresh rate displayed: about 0.5 second
* Display format: LCD, 4 digits
* Alarm: buzzer
* Units: mV/m,V/m,μA/m,mA/m,μW/m²,mW/m²,μW/cm²
* Displayed value:  the instantaneous measurement value, the MAX measurement value, average measurement value and the maximum averaging value
* Warning function:  you can adjust the setting value and you also can open the function or close it.
* Correction factor(CAL):  it can be adjusted
* Manual memory and reading data content: 99 groups
* battery: 4 batteries of 1.5V
* Battery life: about 15 hours
* Power off automatically: 15 min
* The range of the operation temperature: from  0°C  to  +50°C
* The range of the operation humidity:  from 25% to 75%RH
* The range of the stored temperature: from -10°C to +60°C
* The range of the stored humidity: from 0% to 80%RH
* Size: 261cm(length)* 73cm(width)*38cm(height)
* Weight( include the batteries): about 220g
* The following specification all adapt for the following conditions except for some special explanation:the meter locate the far-field region of the radiation source and the inductor aim at emissive source.
* ambient temperature:+23°C±3°C
* relative air humidity: 25% to 75%
* inductive mode: electric field(E)
* frequency range: 50MHz to3.5GHz
* measuring range: continuous (CW)signal(f>50MHz): 20mV/m to 108.0V/m;
                                         53μA/m to 286.4mA/m;
                                         1μW/m² to 30.93W/m²;
                                         0μW/cm² to 3.093mW/cm²
* dynamic range:  about 75dB
* absolute error(lower than 1V/m and 50MHz): ±1.0dB
* frequency response:   
the typical correction factor of the inductor bringing into the considerations: ±1.0dB (50MHz to 1.9GHz)
                ±2.4dB (1.9GHz to 3.5GHz)
Isotropic windage: about ±1.0dB(f>50MHz)overloading limit: 0.42mW/cm2(40V/m)
* temperature response: (0 to 50°C): ±0.2dB
* 1.5V AA battery x 4pcs
* Instruction manual x 1pc
* Carrying case x 1pc
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