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  • Digital light & Lux Meter LX1020BS
Proudct name:Digital light & Lux Meter LX1020BS
Measuring range:0.1~40,000 LUX
HS Code:9031499090
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This light meter is indeed very useful to applications like in the fields of cinematography, in scenic design, in determining optimum light level for a scene, in the general field of lighting, in reducing the amount of waste light used in the home, in ensuring proper light levels for plant growth. And even in measuring luminance in any environments such as illumination control, weather observation and work places like factories, offices, shops, schools, restaurants, beauty salons, electro-optical sources, research teaching, metallurgy building, industry inspection, and agriculture research.
* With CE marking that indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out by the European Directives
* With separate Light Sensor allows user take measurements at an optimum position and convenient testing
* Equipped with reliable Auto-Range and Auto Zero-Adjustment
* Large LCD provides big digits, permits a wide range of light measurements of up to 40,000 lux
* Provides Data-Hold, keeps the measured values that can be of use later
* Equipped with LSI-Circuit to provide high reliability and durability
* Low in power consumption which gives you long lasting power with long life silicon photo diode inside
* Highly accurate with precise and easy readout even in high ambient light
* With built-in Low battery indication, you'll know when to replace the battery long before its empty
* Its powered by a 9v battery which is included with no extra cost
* It includes a nylon carrying bag and helps keep the device in place
* It includes a rubber case to protect the meter body
* Range Coverage is from 0.1~40, 000 LUX (3 ranges)
  0.1 - 400 LUX
  401 - 4,000 LUX (Reading× 10)
  4,001 - 40,000 LUX (Reading× 100)
* Accuracy:
  0.1 ~ 4,000 Lux: ±4.0% ± 10 digits
  4,001~40,000 Lux: ±5.0% + 10 digits
* Resolution:0.1Lux
* Temperature Characteristic : ± 0.1% / °C
* Repeatablity : ± 2%
* Sampling time : 0.5sec.
* One silicon photo diode with filter
* Operation temperature-humidity : 0°C to 40°C (32°F-104°F) 0-70% Rh;
* Storage temperature-humidity: -10°C to 50°C (14°F-122°F) 0-80% Rh
* Over-input :
       Indication of "OL"
* Peak hold     
* Dimension:
      106 x 57 x 26mm (photo detector),
      130x72x30mm (meter body),
      150cm (photo detector lead);
* Power: 9V (6F22) x1
* Case color: Black+Yellow
* Manual x 1pc
* 9V,6F22 Battery x 1pc
* Protective carrying case x 1 pc
* Protective Sensor Cover to keep the sensitive light sensor away from any unwanted incidents while not in use x 1pc
* Protective rubber case x 1pc
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