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  • 3 in 1 Sound Level Meter with software MS6702
Proudct name:3 in 1 Sound Level Meter with software MS6702
Measuring range:30-130dBA,35-130dBC
HS Code:9030409000
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The appearance design of digital sound level meter is novel,small and portable. The digital sound level meter is applicable for measurement of noise engineering, quality control, health prevention and various environmental noise,including noise measurement in such various places asfac tories, offices, transporting routes, families,stereo equipment and other places.
* Display: 2000 counts
* Data Logging: 16000 records
* Auto Ranging
* nAuto Power Off
* AC Singal Output: 0.707 Vrms at FS (Auto-range mode isn't included) Output impedance approx.600Ω
* DC Singal Output: 10mV/dB Output impedance approx.100Ω
* AC Adapter
-Voltage 9VDC
-Voltage Ripple <100m Vpp
-Supple Current >100m ADC
-Socket : pin Ground
-Casing Positive
-External Diameter 3.5mm
* Fast/Low
* A Weighting/B Weighting
* Date and Time Display
* MAX/Data Hold
* Display Backlight
* Low Battery Display
* Analog Bar Indication/Over Range Indication
* RS-232 Pclink/USB Interface
* °C/°F Selection
* Sound pressure measurement scope: 30-130dBA, 35-130dBC.
* Sound pressure level  Resolution  Accuracy
              30dB~80dB       0.1dB   ±1.5dB
              40dB~90dB       0.1dB   ±1.5dB
            50dB~100dB       0.1dB   ±1.5dB
            60dB~110dB       0.1dB   ±1.5dB
            70dB~120dB       0.1dB   ±1.5dB
            80dB~130dB       0.1dB   ±1.5dB
* Digital display: 4-digit, resolution :0.1dB, sampling rate: 2 times/sec
* Analog bar display: Each analog bar represents 1 dB, sampling rate is 20 times/sec
* Temperature:-20°C~10°C,Accuracy:±2°C;10°C~60°C,Accuracy:±1°C
* Relative Humidity:10%~90%,Accuracy:±3.5%RH
* Sound pressure accuracy: +-1.5 dB (sound pressure standard, 94dB @ 1 KHz)
* Sound pressure frequency response: 30Hz-8KHz
* Dynamic range of sound pressure: 50 dB (for each measurement gear level)
* Sound pressure frequency weighting characteristics: A and C characteristics
* Dynamic characteristics of sound pressure: FAST 125ms, SLOW 1 sec
* Microphone: polarized capacitive Microphone.
* Measurement gear level: microcomputer will automatically select the best gear level in the range from 30 to 130 dB
* Lower or exceed the limit prompt: indicate with "UNDER" and "OVER" characters
* AC signal output: 0.707 Vrms/grade with full scale, output impedance is about 600Ω (30~130dB is not applicable)
* DC signal output: 10mV/dB, output impedance is about 100Ω
* Power supply: 6 AAA batteries with 1.5V or DC 9V 100mA power adapter with maximum of DC 9.5V.
* Operating temperature: 0~+40°C
* Operating humidity: 10~90%RH
* Storage temperature: -10~+60°C
* Storage humidity: 10~70%RH
* Outside measurement: 245(L) x 80(W) x 35(H) mm
* Weight:about 350g (including batteries)
* Certificate: CE(EMC) RoHS
* Sponge Ball (Windscreen Filter)x 1pc
* Headphone plug x 1pc
* Operation Manual x 1pc
* 1.5V AAA Battery x 6pcs
* packaging box
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