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  • Multi-Functional Recording Tachometer SM8238
Proudct name:Multi-Functional Recording Tachometer SM8238
Measuring range:2.5~99,999RPM
HS Code:9029209000
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* LCD screen;
* White backlight, no parallax;
* Automatic display prompt for low voltage;
* Frequency measurability;
* The rotating shaft’s linear speed is measurable in the case of a given radius. The rotating shaft’s radius may be set at 2-999mm;
* he 4:1 low-rotating speed measurement mode promises a more accurate measurement of the rotating speed;
* A filtering lens can receive the red light of specific wavelengths only, thus avoiding parasitic light effectively;
* The function of automatic recording of the maximum, the minimum and the last value, and the CHB mode which can realize savings of over 18,000 data groups;
* A MINI USB interface makes data transmission easier
* Measure Range: 2.5~99,999RPM
* Resolution: 0.01RPM(3~999.99RPM)
      1RPM(over 10,000RPM)
* Accuracy: ±(0.05%+1 digit)
* Respones Time: ≥1,000RPM, 0.2second
        <1,000RPM, 0.5second
* Memory Function: Single-mode automatic memory, maximum, minimun, the last measurement, continuous
 mode can record 18000 measuring values.
* Interface: MINI-USB interface
* The lens with filter, only receive the red light with specific wavelength and filter the other light effectivel.
* Measurable speed(RPM), frequency(Hz), with the accumulated date function.
* White backlight LCD.
* Compalt valuable body
* Size: 160 x 51 x 37mm
* Weight: 130g (included battery)
* Main unit x 1pc
* Manual x 1pc
* 1.5V AAA battery x 3pcs
* Carrying case x 1pc
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