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  • Digital Laser Non-contact Tachometer BE8905
  • Digital Laser Non-contact Tachometer BE8905
  • Digital Laser Non-contact Tachometer BE8905
Proudct name:Digital Laser Non-contact Tachometer BE8905
Measuring range:2.5-99999rpm
HS Code:9029209000
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It is a high quality electronics tool that can measure the rotational speed (RPM) with its wide measuring range and high resolution. It is applicable for measuring: rotating speed of machine, motors, wheels, lathe for metal or wood cutting works and others.
This speed sensing device can be used in automobiles, trucks, tractors, aircraft, trains, light rail vehicles, and automotive
* With CE Marking, conforms with European Standards
* Large LCD screen with extra five large-screen LCD display, character height 18mm
* Wide measuring range and high resolution
* Digital display gives exact RPM with no guessing or errors
* Maximum, minimum, average, last measured value remains
* Low Battery
* LCD backlight
* Memory function
* Range:2.5-99999rpm
* Resolution:
0.1rpm (2.5~999.9rpm)
1rpm (1000~99999rpm)
* Basic accuracy:±(0.1% n+5d)rpm,(2,5~999.9rpm)
* Laser power:CLASSII 2-5mW
* Sampling rate:1 times/sec.
* Test distance:50-500mm
* Time base:quartz crystal
* Automatic shutdown:no key operation,the instrument will be turned off after 61s
* Maximum,minimum,average,last measured value remains
* Low Battery Tips
* LCD backlight display
* Memory function
* Operating Environment:0~50oC,32~122oF,10~90% RH
* Preservation of the environment:-10~80oC,-14~176oF,10~75% RH
* Dimensions:55.7*29.9*127mm
* Weight:106g
* Reflective Tape x 3pcs
* 1.5V AAA batteries x 2pcs
* Manual x 1pc
* Gift box packing x 1pc
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