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  • Whiteness Meter WM-206
  • Whiteness Meter WM-206
  • Whiteness Meter WM-206
  • Whiteness Meter WM-206
Proudct name:Whiteness Meter WM-206
Measuring range:0 ~ 120
HS Code:9031809090
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Whiteness Meter is mainly used to directly measure the whiteness value of object or powder with flat surface.
Can be widely used in whiteness measurement of textile printing and dyeing, paint, chemical building materials, paper board, plastic products, white cement, ceramics, enamel, talc powder, starch, flour, salt, detergent, cosmetics and other substances.
* It consists of Light Source, Optical System, Detection System, Data Process and Display System. The whiteness Calculation Formula of the instrument is blue light whiteness R457.
* Use of high quality imported components, good reliability.
* The optical path design is reasonable, simple. Adopt filter system with correction, the whiteness can be reflected quantitatively.
* No preheating after starting, measurements can be taken after simple calibration, easy to operate.
* Pass strict inspection and testing, the instrument conforms to the JJG 512-2002 Whiteness Meter Verification Regulation. Also conforms to GB3978, GB3979, GB7973, GB7974, ISO2470, GB8904.2, QB1840, GB2913, GB13025.2, GB1543, ISO2471, GB10339, GB5950, GB12911, GB2409 and other standards.
* Able to memory 254 groups of measurement data.
* Use USB data out put and RS- 232 data out put to connect with PC.
* Provide Bluetooth data out put choice.
* Measuring Range: 0 ~ 120
* Resolution:0.1
* Illumination condition:45/0
* Illuminant: LED 457 nm
* Whiteness Formula: Blue Light Whiteness WB=R457
* Measuring Aperture: 18x11 mm Rectangle
* Zero Drift: ≤0.1
* Stability of Display: ≤0.5
* Repeatability of Measurement: ≤0.1
* Operating Condition:
Temperature:0~40℃;Humidity:<85 %RH
* Power Supply:  Lithium Battery
* Size: 140x45x75 mm
* Weight: 305 g (Including Batteries)

Standard Accessories :
 1. Main Unit
 2. AC Adaptor
 3. Standard White Board
 4. Optical Cleaning Cotton Cloth
 5. Carrying Case
 6. Operation Manual

Optional Accessories:
 1. Constant Pressure Powder Forming Apparatus
 2. USB, RS-232C data cable with software
 3. Bluetooth data out put with software

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