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  • Digital Infrared Thermometer WT700,WT900
  • Digital Infrared Thermometer WT700,WT900
  • Digital Infrared Thermometer WT700,WT900
  • Digital Infrared Thermometer WT700,WT900
Proudct name:Digital Infrared Thermometer WT700,WT900
Measuring range:-50-750°C/950°C
HS Code:9025191000
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This IR Thermometer with good precision is designed to quickly & accurately measure temperature of object's surface from -50 to 950°C or -58 to 1742°F with Laser guide. The Laser makes precise aim which increases ease and accuracy. Just aim, press the button and read the temperature in less than a second. It also has a backlight that be use to dark areas. It safely measure the surface temperature of hot, hazardous, reflective, shiny, hard-to-objects with ease.
* Heat ventilation air-conditioning and refrigeration
* Automotive industry
* Electrical & power voltage/current inspection field
* Water treatment and water quality inspection
* Environmental monitoring
* Marine and weather
* Gas industry
* Food processing industry
* Extremely Wide Temperature range: -50~750°C or -58~1382°F (WT700);-50~950°C or -58~1742°F (WT900)
* D:S = 12:1, maximum distance from the target object
* missivity: 0.10~1.00 Adjustable
* Laser Power: <1 mW
* Spectral Response from 5 to 14 µm
* Large LCD Screen w/ easy to read Instant Real-time temperature
* 5 levels Battery Life Indication
* Auto Power Off when idle
* Data Hold Function
* Access surface temperature in 1 second
* °C & °F Selection
* Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN), Average (AVG) and Difference (DIF) temperature functions
* Adjustable High / Low Temperature Alarm
* Fast response time (0.5 seconds), highly accurate and reliable
* Measure hazardous or inaccessible objects (high-voltage parts)
* Pre-Calibrated in Factory
* Ergonomically shaped hand grip
* Laser Target Pointer ON/OFF selection
* Backlight ON/OFF selection
* With CE marking, meets EU safety, health and environmental requirements
* Temperature range: -50~750°C or -58~1382°F (WT700);-50~950°C or -58~1742°F (WT900)
* Accuracy:±1.5% or ±1.5°C (±2.7°F)whichever is greater
* Resolution: 0.1°C/°F
* Repeatability: ±1% of reading or ±1°C
* Response Time: 500ms
* Spectral Response (Wavelength): 5-14µm
* Emissivity:0.95 preset;0.10 ~ 1.00 adjustable
* Distance to Spot Ratio (D:S): 12:1
* Operating Environment Temperature: 0~40°C (32~104°F)
* Humidity: 10~95%Rh non-condensing, up to 30°C (86°F)
* Storage Temperature: -20~60°C (-4~140°F)
* Power Supply: 9V battery
* Typical Bttery Life (Alkaline):22 hours (Non-Laser Mode),12 hours (Laser Mode)
* Dimension: 154*104*42mm
* Instruction Manual x 1pc
* 9V battery x 1pc
* Gray box x 1pc
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