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  • Digital Wood Moisture Meter MD912,MD914
  • Digital Wood Moisture Meter MD912,MD914
Proudct name:Digital Wood Moisture Meter MD912,MD914
Measuring range:2%~60%
HS Code:9025800000
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It be used to detect the moisture content or water composition from a wide range of materials such as wood, fiber, bamboo, cotton, paper, and tobaccos. It measures from 2% to 60% of moisture level of the object being tested, which make it an essential tool for either amateur or professional surveyors, woodworkers and craftsmen. An effective device to diagnose dampness in buildings and enables building surveyors and other users to measure moisture levels of soft to medium density of wood materials using the highly accurate 2 or 4 sensor steel probes
* Has CE marking, conforms with the essential health and safety requirements
* Equipped with 2 steel probes(MD912)or 4 steel probes(MD914)to enhance highest resolution & sensitivity
* Can select 4 species of the wood test
* Autocorrect environmental temperature
* With Automatic Data Hold
* With high resolution and indeed response quickly
* Low Battery consumption with Auto power-Off system
* Gives accurate moisture condition in units and symbols in its easy-to-read and with large LCD screen
* Provides comprehensive manual, chic carrying bag with manual holder inside complete with batteries
* Can be used to test moisture in Soft/medium woods, bamboos, Cardboard and paper, Chipboard, Fibreboard, Foam, Peat, Plaster and Sand
* Measuring Range: can be chosen as follows according to different tree types:
1. 2%~40%, 2. 2%~50%; 3. 2%~60%
* Can select 4 species of the wood test
* Resolution: 0.5%
* Accuracy: ±1%
* Lower power indicating and can select in 2 pins sensor or 4 pins sensor
* High resolution and response quickly
* Data Hold (memory function)
* Autocorrect environmental temperature
* Power: 9V (6F22) X 1
* Case Color: Dark gray & Orange
* Dimension: 63mm x 129mm x 32mm
* Weight: Approximately 116g (including battery)
* Packing: Gift Box With Nylon Carrying Case Inside
* Main unit x 1pc
* 9V battery x 1pc
* Pins x 2pcs
* Comprehensive Instruction Manual x 1pc
* blue nylon carrying bag x 1pc
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