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  • Digital Thermometer BE1312
  • Digital Thermometer BE1312
  • Digital Thermometer BE1312
  • Digital Thermometer BE1312
Proudct name:Digital Thermometer BE1312
Measuring range:K-type:-200°C~1372°C
HS Code:9025199090
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Digital thermometer can accommodate a wide variety of K-type thermocouple tips that are suited for many types industrial and commercial temperature measurement applications such as Kilns, Ovens, Furnaces, Heat Treating, Ceramics, Pottery, Molten Metal, Crucible and many others
* temperature modes: J,K,T,E,N and R
* One push button to switch between °C/°Fand other modes as well to switch between MAX/MIN/AVG
* 2 temperature channels: T1 / T2
* Differential temperature measurement
* K-Type Thermocouple offers good accuracy and fast response
* Hold mode function & Hold indicator
* Allows easy and secured battery replacement
* 2pcs Type "K" thermocouple sensors
* Temperature compensation function
* °C/°F selection
* Display backlight
* Measurement Range: J-type:-210°C~1200°C(-346°F~2192°F);
* Resolution: 0.1°C/°F<1000°C;1.0°C/°F>1000°C
* Accuracy:±0.1%+0.6°C
* K-type Measurement range:-50°C~300°C
* K-type resolution:±1.5%
* Input:Bi-channel input
* Operation Temperature:0°C~40°C
* Storage temperature:-10°C~50°C
* Storage humidity:20-90%RH
* Data hold
* °C/°F selection
* Display backlight
* Unit size: 72*29*145.5mm

* K-Type Thermocouple Probes x2pcs
* 1.5V AAA batteries x 3pcs
* Manual
* gift box packing
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