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  • Grain moisture analyzer/Cup Moisture Meter LDS-1G
  • Grain moisture analyzer/Cup Moisture Meter LDS-1G
  • Grain moisture analyzer/Cup Moisture Meter LDS-1G
Proudct name:Grain moisture analyzer/Cup Moisture Meter LDS-1G
Measuring range:3-35%
HS Code:9025800000
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Nonmetallic granulated materials such as cereal, wheat, rapeseed,soybean, vegetable seeds, corn,feed and so on.
* Fast, accurate and convenient
* Both AC-DC power supply
* LCD with white backlight, clear and bright
* Multi-point calibration, error correction
* Low power consumption, automatic power off, energy saving, energy-saving
* Automatic weighing and temperature compensation
* Translated density display, moisture mean value calculation
* Measurement object: food and other non-metallic granular samples, such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, rapeseed, etc.
* Measurement error: ≤ ±0.5% (main moisture range)
* Repeat error: ≤ 0.2%
* Measurement range :3-35% 
* Measurement time: ≤ 10S
* Working ambient temperature :0-40 ℃
* Temperature compensation: automatic
* Attached function:
Volume-weight conversion display,sample weight display, temperature display, average moisture content calculation.
* Calibration:
4 points calibration,unlimited sample(20 common varieties have been calibrated in advance,can be tested directly)
* Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA battery or AC external power adapter.
* Weight: 3.8kgs
* Dimensions: 36x43x24cm
* external AC power adapter x 1pc
* cleaning brush x 1pc;
* manual x 1pc;
* filling tube x 1pc
* funnel x 1pc
* calibration weights each;
* AA alkaline batteries x 4pcs
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