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  • Multifuction Process Calibrator with Multimeter AMPX1
  • Multifuction Process Calibrator with Multimeter AMPX1
  • Multifuction Process Calibrator with Multimeter AMPX1
  • Multifuction Process Calibrator with Multimeter AMPX1
Proudct name:Multifuction Process Calibrator with Multimeter AMPX1
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HS Code:9031809090
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This Meter is designed to using in these application: PLC, Thermocopule,AC Driver,Multimeter and Transmitter;Electrician,Electronic hobby,home wiring,electrical repair and circuit board test etc.
* Military industry material,HD LCD display,Silicone keypad, upgrading design etc.
* AMPX1 is a source and measurement tool is used to 0-24mA/4-20mA current loop and 0-10V/1-100mV output, also has 4000 counts integrated multimeter function
* 0.02% high accuracy of DCV/A input and output
* Double injection molding process provides users a better feel and improve product durability
* The application of 24 bits a high-plated circuit board,signals of input and output designed separately, to ensure that the small signal stability.
* High-class probes, long-term use, will not be damaged easily.
Process Calibrator
* Range and Accuracy
DCV Measure: 0-100mV,0-10V,±0.02%+2digit;
DCV Source: 0-100mV, 0-10V, ±0.02%+2digit;
DCmA Measure: 0-24mA,±0.02%+4digit;
DCmA Source: 0-24mA,±0.02%+4digit.
* Measure loop current signals with very high accuracy of 0.02% and 1µA resolution
* Source voltage from 10µV to 10V
* Measure voltage output process signals from PLCs, transmitters
* 24V loop supply

Digital Multimeter
* Range and Accuracy
DC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V,±(0.5%+2);
AC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V,±(0.8%+2);
DC Current: 400µA/4000µA/40mA/400mA,±(0.8%+2),4A/10A,±(1.2%+2);
AC Current: 400µA/4000µA/40mA/400mA,±(1.5%+2),4A/10A,±(3.0%+2);
Resistance: 400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ/40MΩ,±(1.2%+2);
Capacitance: 50nF/500nF/5µF/50µf/100µf,±(3%+5);
Frequency: 0-5MHz,±(0.5%+2);
Duty cycle:5%-95%,±(2%+2)
* Auto ranging
* Manual ranging
* REL:Relative measurement
* Diode:2.7V
* Continuity buzzer: <50Ω
* Data hold
* Low Battery display
* Display backlight: Only DMM function
* USB interface: Windows OS(only DMM function)
* Test leads x 1 pair
* Alligator clips x 1 pair
* Spare fuse: 500mA/1000V x 2pcs
* Spare fuse: 10A/500V x 2pcs
* USB flash installed driver,software x 1pc
* User english manual and quick start guide x 1pc
* Standard packing
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