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  • Digital Insulation Tester AIM01/AIM02
  • Digital Insulation Tester AIM01/AIM02
  • Digital Insulation Tester AIM01/AIM02
  • Digital Insulation Tester AIM01/AIM02
Proudct name:Digital Insulation Tester AIM01/AIM02
Measuring range:2500V,100.0GΩ
HS Code:9030332000
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This professional Voltage Insulation tester is designed with voltage overload protection and high voltage indicator to safely measure voltage in 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V,1000V and 2500V. It has a dual display when measuring under Insulation Resistance, it simultaneously show the selected voltage range and insulation resistance measured reading. These measurements can be use to evaluate insulation integrity. This troubleshooting tool is a quality control measure at the time a piece of electrical equipment is produced and an installation requirement to help ensure specifications are met and to verify proper hookup. It also use as a periodic preventive maintenance task.
* Design according to the IEC61010-1 CATIII1000V CAT IV600V 
* Measure voltage 50V-1000V (AIM01); 250V-2500V(AIM02)
* Auto Calculate PI and DAR
* Store /Load Function
* Compare function
* Auto discharge for capacitive load
* Timer Function for insulation test
* Lock function for insulation test
* DCV and ACV Test
* Continuity test
* Auto Power Off
* Digital and analog display

Source Output Voltage

Measuring Range and Accuracy


0.01MΩ50MΩ, ±(3%+5)(AIM01)


0.01MΩ100MΩ, ±(3%+5)(AIM01)

250V( 0 %+20%)(AIM01,AIM02)

0.01MΩ250MΩ, ±(3%+5)(AIM01,AIM02)

500V( 0%+20%)(AIM01,AIM02)

0.01MΩ500MΩ, ±(3%+5)(AIM01,AIM02)
5.00GΩ, ±(5%+0.1GΩ)(AIM01)

1000V( 0%+20%)(AIM01,AIM02)

0.01MΩ1000MΩ, ±(3%+5)(AIM02)
5.00GΩ, ±(5%+0.1GΩ)(AIM02)
10.00GΩ, ±(10%+0.2GΩ)(AIM01,AIM02)

2500V( 0%+20%)(AIM02)

0.1MΩ2.00GΩ, ±(3%+5)(AIM02)
20.00GΩ, ±(5%+0.2GΩ)(AIM02)
100.0GΩ, ±(10%+2GΩ)(AIM02)


1.8mA(AIM01); 2mA(AIM02)


DC Voltage Test

0.11000V, ±0.5%

AC Voltage Test

0.1750V, ±1%

Continuity Test

0.01Ω200Ω, ±0.5%

Power Supply

6 x 1.5V AA Battery(AIM01); 6 x 1.5V LR battery(AIM02)

Product Size

180mm x 140mm x65mm (7.1” x 5.5” x 2.6”)

Product Weight

950g(AIM01); 1050g(AIM02)

* 1.5V AA battery x 6pcs
* Manual x 1pc
* Red test probe x 1pc
* black test probe x 1pc
* red clip x 1pc
* black clip x 1pc
* Standard factory packing
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