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  • Digital Grain Moisture&Temperature Meter MD7822
  • Digital Grain Moisture&Temperature Meter MD7822
  • Digital Grain Moisture&Temperature Meter MD7822
  • Digital Grain Moisture&Temperature Meter MD7822
Proudct name:Digital Grain Moisture&Temperature Meter MD7822
Measuring range:2~ 30%
HS Code:9025800000
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This powerful, versatile and handy device is developed to determine the moisture content and temperature level of Corn, Wheat, Paddy and Rice. Capable to measure moisture from 2 to 30% and temperature from -10 to 60°C. Data gathered will then be used by the coded LED lights to give you with the most current condition of the grain being tested. Plus, this meter comes with a FREE detachable EXTRA LONG 2-PIN PROBE that uses an exclusive micro-computer LSI circuit and crystal time base ensuring highly accurate readings, fast measuring and quick response time.

Moisture and temperature plays an important role in storing and processing of packed grains. These vital information can determine whether the produced grains are safe to store or process, or whether they are at risk of decay

* Uses Microcomputer LSI circuit and crystal time base for high accuracy & fast measuring time
* Equipped with coded LED light indicates the condition of your grain - decay impossible, possible or inevitable - at a glance
* FREE Extra long 2-pin probe that reaches deep into your grain
* Can be used to measure both moisture and temperature levels of grains, foods, feeds, etc.
* With durable and lightweight ABS plastic housing insures a quality product for long and trouble-free life
* Has CE marking, conforms with the essential health and safety requirements set out by the European Directives
Instantaneous reading results
* Easy-to-read LCD screen; gives exact reading with no guessing or errors
* With FREE Protective carrying case with contoured rubber compartments that fits the device perfectly, keeps the device in place and provide optimum shock absorption
* Measurement Range:
  Moisture: 2~ 30%
  Temperature: -10 ~ 60°C (14 ~ 140°F)
* Temperature self-compensation
* Resolution : 0.5% for moisture,1°C(2°F) for temperature
* Accuracy:
  Moisture : ±1%
  Temperature : ±2°C(±4°F)
* Operation Temperature : -10 ~ 40°C (14 ~ 104°F)
* Operation Humidity: ≤70%RH
* Grains: paddy, rice, corn, wheat
* Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries (included)
* Dimension
  Meter: approx. 17.4cm(L) x 7.3cm(W) x 3.8cm(Thick)
  Probe: approx. 36.5cmx4.3cmx2.5cm
* Cable Length : approx. 102cm
* Date hold and can hold value
* Low battery indicator
* Detachable 2-Pin Probe x1pc
* Batteries 1.5V AA x 4pcs
* Operating Manual x 1pc
* Protective Carrying Case x 1pc
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